Exploring Eligibility Requirements: Can Anyone Use Handshake?

Exploring Eligibility Requirements Can Anyone Use Handshake
Exploring Eligibility Requirements Can Anyone Use Handshake

Exploring Eligibility Requirements: Can Anyone Use Handshake?


From new graduates to seasoned professionals, job seekers of all experience levels can benefit from the features offered by Handshake. But is it for everyone? In this article, I’ll explore the eligibility requirements of using Handshake and offer down-to-earth insights on its features and capabilities.

Since its inception in 2014, Handshake has become one of the most disruptive platforms in the employment space. It offers users a unique way to find jobs and internships while providing employers with a comprehensive platform to connect with potential candidates—from managing job posts to tracking applications.

However, it’s not just about connecting employers with candidates—Handshake offers much more than that. It helps users search for jobs and internships, as well as provides educational resources such as career advice articles, interview tips, and resume help.

So if you’re curious about Handshake’s eligibility requirements or want a behind-the-scenes look at its features and functions, you’ve come to the right place!

What Is Handshake?

Like its namesake, Handshake is a globally widespread job-searching platform, connecting employers and potential job seekers and offering plenty of opportunities. Every day, millions of people enter handshake with the hope of kick-starting their career.

At its core, Handshake is a platform that works to match job seekers with the right opportunities. After all, nothing quite compares to the power of a genuine handshake when it comes to forging connections and starting relationships.

In many ways, by giving everyone access to the same hub of resources and opportunities, Handshake levels the playing field for all who enter it. From college students to recent grads, anyone can use Handshake to find their dream job or internship – but of course, not everyone will qualify.

What Is the Difference Between Handshake and Simplicity?

When it comes to searching for jobs or internships, people have a few different options. However, two of the most popular job-searching sites are Handshake and Symplicity (formerly known as NACElink). If you’re trying to figure out which one is right for you, it’s important to know the difference between them both.

First, Handshake is available to all graduates of four-year colleges, while Symplicity is only available to students from member schools. In addition, Handshake is the single resource for CDO appointment scheduling, on-campus interviews and RSVPing for CDO events.

On the other hand, Symplicity CSM is the trusted global partner to over 1,300+ university career services, compared to Handshake’s self-reported 500+.

Ultimately, whether you decide on Handshake or Symplicity will depend on your individual needs and goals when it comes to searching for jobs or internships. Identifying what works best for you will help ensure that your search goes more smoothly and quickly.

What Is Handshake Known For?

Handshake has become the go-to job search platform for college students and recent graduates, and is quickly becoming a popular choice for employers seeking young talent. With over 18 million users, it’s no surprise that Handshake has grown to be the number one site for college students to find jobs.

So, what makes Handshake stand out from the competition? Here are some of its notable features:

  • Free Postings: Employers can post jobs and internships for free — no subscription or listing fees required
  • Real-Time Updates: Receive real-time updates on any changes to job postings or application deadlines
  • Virtual Events: Participate in virtual events such as career fairs, webinars, and seminars to get advice from industry professionals
  • Dedicated Support: Get ongoing support throughout your Handshake journey with dedicated virtual mentorships and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Who Is the CEO of Handshake?

I was curious to find out who was at the helm of this innovative job search platform. Garrett Lord is the CEO and co-founder of Handshake, I discovered. His background in computer science and deep experience in the finance industry sets him up as the perfect entrepreneur and innovator to guide the company’s mission.

He has been a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Northern California and a featured guest on Lightspeed’s “The Creators” celebrating the craft of entrepreneurship.

Garrett has been quoted saying, “What I’ve found is that unlocking economic opportunity for students is deeply aligned with Handshake’s mission, and I’m passionate about helping to close any employment divide between those with traditional access or resources, and those without.”

Under his leadership, Handshake continues to provide meaningful connections between employers and job seekers from all corners of society.

What Is a Handshake Interview?

For those looking for job opportunities on Handshake, you may encounter a type of interview called a “Handshake interview”. This interview is created by school career centers in partnership with employers, and it is designed to assess your skills, knowledge and qualities for the job you are vying for.

In a Handshake interview, you’ll be evaluated differently than in a traditional face-to-face or a phone screen. Instead, the hiring manager will be paying attention to your nonverbal communication like your body language and general demeanor. Likewise, they’ll also be evaluating your overall attitude towards the role. This means they’ll be looking at not just what you say, but how you say it as well.

These interviews can also be conducted virtually via Skype or Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. They usually involve questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “Explain why this job is relevant to your experience” that are asked from the hiring managers in order to assess your skills and qualifications for the role you’re applying for.

So, it’s important that you come prepared with answers that demonstrate both why you have the right skill set and an enthusiasm to be part of their team if hired.

Can Anyone Use Handshake? Exploring Eligibility Requirements

Using Handshake requires more than just an account – students must take a few extra steps to make sure they meet the qualifications set out by employers on the platform. To gain access to all of Handshake’s features, there are some eligibility requirements everyone needs to consider.

To be eligible for any job postings and employer preferences on Handshake, students must provide work authorization information as part of their profile. This is performed in the app’s “Account Settings” section by selecting “Work Authorization.”

Employers can also set qualifications for events hosted on Handshake. These typically include requiring participants to be enrolled in an academic program at a specific school, have a minimum GPA and/or hold a minimum cumulative credit hours. For student-hosted events, these requirements can be set directly by the host or by their campus administrative body.

Finally, students interested in work study jobs need to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for them. In the U.S., this generally includes being enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university and holding a minimum GPA or credit hour requirements as determined by their school.

By meeting these eligibility requirements, students can maximize their chances of connecting with their desired career opportunities in Handshake and taking advantage of all its features.


Handshake has quickly become the go-to make for job searching, offering its users the opportunity to search for and apply for various job opportunities. Thanks to its comprehensive search engine and comprehensive eligibility requirements, Handshake is the perfect fit for job seekers of all backgrounds and experience levels. With its innovative approach to job searching,

Handshake stands out to be the future of job searching. From its user-friendly interface to its comprehensive selection of job opportunities, Handshake offers something for everyone. It is no wonder that Handshake is the preferred job search platform of the 21st century.

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