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Islamic Concept of Dignity of Men and Women | Islamic Studies Notes

Islamic Concept of Dignity of Men and Women Islamic Studies Notes

Section: Exam preparation

Subect: Islamic Studies

Topic: Islamic Concept of Dignity of Men and Women


Human beings are a special creation of God has created man as His 4 representative (Khalifah). God has made everything else in the universe subservient to man, and if he utilizes them positively, he participates in God’s continuous process of creation. These potentialities and resources – including one’s very own life – are given to man as a trust (amanah). That is why drug abuse and suicide are forbidden (haram) in Islam. Thus the underlying principle guiding man’s life and relationships with all the other creatures is that everything in the universe is a trust (amanah) from God to man.

Salient featured of Islamic Concept of Dignity of Men and Women:

  • Whole Universe is at Disposal of Mankind
  • The prostrating of angels
  • Prophet as Best Model of Being Vicegerent of God
  • Dignity of Man is Conditioned with His Being Slave of God
  • The testing of him in these Favors
  • Human Beings are God’s Vicegerents on Earth
  • Man Created in Best Form
  • The endowment of knowledge
  • Equality
  • The criterion of a high position in society
  • Mankind as Crown of Creatures

Responsibilities of Man as the Vicegerent of Allah

The vicegerent of Allah puts a lot of responsibilities on man. Some of These responsibilities are as under below:-

  • Obedience to God
  • Administration of Justice of Earth
  • Worship of God
  • Individual Responsibility as Vicegerent
  • To use his Authority as Trust of God
  • Collective Responsibility
  • Trust to Fulfill

Equality of Men and Women in Islam

  • Men and women will be equally rewarded in the hereafter
  • Men and women are afforded equal protection
  • Impacts of Socio-Religious Doctrine Universality of Mankind in Islam
  • Women, being more vulnerable than men, are accorded special protection

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