Democracy in Pakistan Essay | Causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan

Democracy in Pakistan Essay Causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan
Democracy in Pakistan Essay Causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan

Democracy in Pakistan Essay | Causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan


  • Introduction
  • What Is Democracy?
  • Genesis Of Democracy
  • Democracy In Pakistan Since Its Creation
  • Causes Of Failure Of Democracy In Pakistan
  • Impacts Of Democracy
  • Measures For The Survival Of Democracy
  • Conclusion

It is, above all, a political system in which the people, that is to say the citizenry, holds sovereignty. Gandhi rightly defined “Democracy, based on the idea that I do, should provide the same opportunities weaker than stronger. Only nonviolence can achieve this goal.” According to Henry Ford: “The democracy that I favor is one that gives everyone the same chance of success, depending on the capacity of each’.

Before industrial revolution, concentration of wealth was under the management of feudalistic lords, that was calamitous for the promotion of democracy. Feudalism was a threat for democracy. History clearly reflects that feudalistic category was great threat for the institution of democratic practice. After Industrial revolution wealth was divided and distributed. Middle class came to forefront which promoted ideal form of democracy in different countries. Democracy first finds ground in India after England. Jawaharlal Nehru Comprehended the entire scenario of feudalism. He didn’t give chance to feudal system to hold ground.

These initial efforts brought tremendous change in India. It laid down the foundation of strong democracy. Active participation of people has been viewed in Republic of India. Bundles of crises haven’t given smooth path for the establishment of strong democracy. Since independence Pakistan has been facing plenty of turbulences within the path of democracy.

Utter failures have been viewed since independence. It creates a sense of self deprivation among masses. It is also regarded as the decisive form of government. It requires active participation of people in the decision making process. Without public collaboration, democracy cannot flourish properly. It is the most favorable form of government as well. It creates unnecessary barriers within the process of democracy. Pakistan has been facing this menace since independence. Military intervention within the democratic path was regarded as a dead blow in the way of democracy. In Pakistan, democracy faced three military intrusions, which was the menace for democracy. Since independence, army intrusion has been viewed which created hurdles within the path of democracy. Massive intrusion within the democratic process should be controlled. Corruption should be controlled. Proper system of accountability should be launched to eliminate this criminal activity. Accountability is important for the proper working of institutions. Breakage within the power accumulation process has paved the way for democracy. 

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