Is Pakistan a democratic country and Where are we going?

Is Pakistan a democratic country and Where are we going
Is Pakistan a democratic country and Where are we going

What was the ideology of Pakistan and what is? What was the purpose of Pakistan? Are we free or not? Are we going in the right direction or not? Are our all institutions independent or not? Are we a nation or just a crowd? Is Pakistan a democratic country or not? Are we all are selfish and really responsible of all these problems which we are facing now-a-days? I think no one would like to give answers of these questions honestly because we all are responsible of all these problems. In Pakistan, (koi bhi jhoot nhi bolta ur koi bhi such nahi bolta sb mufeed bolty hain) no one speaks truth nor tells a lie but speaks favorable(according to their own interests).

Our forefathers Gave sacrifices for such a country where all men would be considered equal before the law and be treated equally and no one would above the law.they would  live our lives according to their own will, values and norms and also their own religion where minorities would be also freed and independent.  The ideology of Pakistan was very simple and clear for all but we make it complicated for all. Thousands of people sacrificed their lives for this honorable and beloved country. They left their houses, their properties, their loved ones and many more.

All we are talking here is true but wrong specially according to the perceptions of  those who have their own personal interests in the name of national interests in all the institutions of Pakistan. There are four generations , one made Pakistan, second divided Pakistan, third looted Pakistan and the fourth is watching and enjoying it just like a movie. No one is honest With Pakistan and think about Pakistan and not want to  sacrifice for Pakistan.

Pakistan was the dream of Allama Muhammad Iqbal so we should not claim others because it had established in a dream and dream can’t always true. Our own defenders have proved that they are real enemies of our beloved country. We have seen Four martial laws after the separation. First martial law was hold by Ayub Khan from 1958 to1969, second from 1969 to 1971 by Yahya Khan, third in 1977 to 1988 by Zia-ul-Haq and fourth in 1999 to 2008 by Musharraf. So how one can say that Pakistan is a democratic country. Every dictator raise a slogan of national interests and did what they want to do for the gaining power and personal interests. They gave the  licenses of traitor to others who were deterrent in their way. Even Ayub abused the Madr-e-Milat  of Pakistan and honorable sister of Muhammad Ali JInah during the elections’ days. Finally we saw the division of Pakistan unfortunately.

All the institutions like legislative, executive and judiciary all are bound and can’t do work independently. Legislatures are not do their best in making laws according to the needs of the circumstances and according to the will of the common people because they just focus own their personal interests. They are the representaters of the will of common people but there is a great difference between what we want and what we get. Uncertain and Unfruitful laws have been making by them. Our judiciary is also under pressure and decisions have been taken by those who have power. There are Two kind of laws in Pakistan. One for the poor and the other for the rich. Might is right principle is established in Pakistan. There is no credibility of picking judges of High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan. Politicians pick those who are favorable for their own personal  interests. Executive is also helpless and all this is because every institution interfere in the other institutions. So, we can say that all the institutions of Pakistan are not independent.

After the death of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, we found no public leader but if we open our eyes and look What we did with our leaders after Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Either we killed or humiliated and exiled from the country due to many wrong created perceptions. But we as a not nation but a crowd just look one side of the Picture never look both sides of the picture. We feed easily what media want to feed us because media is also bound and have no power of right of speech, what is right and what is wrong. These are not the principles of a welfare democratic country. It means we are not going in the right direction. Bangadaish which was the part of Pakistan separated in 1971, now far more better economically, socially and in all fields of life than Pakistan. China got independence in 1949 and now they are economically so strong all our the world. India is also more better than us. We Pakistanis are going not upward but going backward. Where we are going even we know all about what we are going to done. Should we learn From our past and abolish all the mistakes which we have done or not?

The reason is that we all think about ourselves but not for Pakistan. Yes, honestly I would like to say that we are selfish because we always close our eyes when we see violation of rights of others. We never raise our voices against brutalities and this is also because we are also the part of this. We are continuously ignoring the rights of those who are deprived in our society. But are we hopeless?, the answer is No. Then, how can we say that. Because fortune of every nation can be changed by themselves.

Let’s start a new journey and start from a new day. First of all we must change our selves. We must do our best and perform our duties honestly and by heart. Doesn’t matter you belong any institution of Pakistan. All those who are working for the progress of Pakistan, respectable for all of us, performing in any department or any field. We must provide basic rights to those who are deprived and must raise our voice. We should discourage discriminations in our society and must remember the sacrifices of our ancestors and also te real ideology of Pakistan and the purpose of Pakistan. Must be considered everyone equal before the law because law is above all.

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