Essay on Role Of Student In Politics | Communication Skills

Essay on Role Of Student In Politics Communication Skills
Essay on Role Of Student In Politics Communication Skills

Politics is an art of conducting political affairs. It deals with organization, structure and administration of state. It usually describe the processes by which people and institutions exercise their power. politics helps people to formulate policies, influences individual, promotes institutions, and organizes societies. The purpose of colleges and universities is to provide necessary training for life. They also promote students creativity, analytical skills and political insight. They provide student with and intellectual environment to gain complicated and different ideas. Colleges and universities provide different and unique opportunities for academic, personal, social and political enrichment. In reality they are the base camp for the training of life

It is debatable whether the students should take part in difficult field of politics. Some people favor the idea strongly while other repudiate it altogether. Those who approve of the idea say that students unite the most important part of population. They are the future of nation. They are the people who would run the executive and administrative ranks of their country. Therefore, it is necessary for them to take part in politics in colleges or university life, so by this way they can learn the art of politics. In this way they will be success politician in their coming years in future. They will know how to run the system of state and country. So, student life should be their first training ground for politics. Why should they not take part in politics in student life, if they are to participate in practical life? So it is the interest of the state that the students must join political unions at small scale.


If we cast a cursory sight at history, we would come to know that the brilliant politicians are not made in a day. Ages are required to make the people successful. Many great leaders of the past had been successful politicians in their student life. For example the students from “Anjuman Himayat-e-Islam played a very pivotal role in the creation of Pakistan. They worked day and night with their leader to achieve the milestone. Quaid-e-Azam also urged students to play their role for freedom. Therefore, students may be allowed to take part in politics.

Dr. Johnson said:


“Politics is the refuge of scoundrels”


On the other side of the story, some people do not favor the participation of students in politics in their early lives. They assert that the first and the foremost duty of a student is to get education. Their interest in politics may divert their attention from their real target. It may be very difficult for them to concentrate in studies if, they play active role in student politics. By indulging in politics at this age, they may waste their precious time. Usually they do not have intellectual maturity and mindset at this age. They are drifted along the mighty waves of emotions and feelings. They give a hot blooded to everything they do. That’s why sometimes they mishandle many things. In this sorry state of affair they neither have decent education nor become shrewd politicians. Therefore, they should shun political activities entirely.

These views are poles apart. Both see to be weighty and vital. But we may resolve the riddle my seeking the third well balanced option. In this concern our only consideration should be unerring channelization of the innate talent of youth. In normal and strife-free situation, the only occupation of student should be adequate attainment of education.


“Colleges are the places where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed”

(Robert GREEN)


But when their participation in politics is needed for the welfare of nation, they should be asked to leave the premises of institutions and join hands in the joint struggle. After that strife, they may be asked to return their institutions. But the students should be very cautious about such activities. They should not become puppets in hands of ineligible politicians. They should not get involved themselves in the dirty politics of that time. They should not join the protesting rallies of the self-centered statesmen.

People don’t want students to indulge in political scenarios due to its connection to money, violence and pressurized power. On the Other hand educational institutions should allow students to be politically conscious and taught them to ask questions. The aim of an educational institution is not only to construct the curriculum, but to generate equally responsible and conscious citizens by facilitating the method of research based on argumentation and experimentation. The student unions, on the other hand, play a role of bridge between students and the institutional administration and make them accountable and also help them to organize events and address grievances faced by students. It is contradictory to the practices of democracy and liberty to expect apolitical campuses and universities.


However, the incompetency of student’s political groups and other ailments in student political unions cannot be neglected. Students used their political platforms, under the tradition and rules of democracy, to take political stands and questioned their laws and policies, advocated social justice, and also sought the definition of nationality. It was seen that the student leaders usually made their rules, policies and strategies based on their political interest.


“Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.”

(Edward Everett)


To conclude the discussion, it may be asserted that in serene circumstances, the students should not indulge in politics, they should concentrate on the educational pursuits. But after the completion of their studies. They may join the party of their interest to serve their country in positive way.

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